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This Means War: An Action Packed Comedy

If you are looking for an action comedy that actually has some really good laughs, then This Means War is the movie to see. The film stars Chris Pine (Star Trek 2009) and Tom Hardy (Inception) as two of the CIAs top agents who are also best friends who would do anything for the other. All bets are off however when the two of them begin dating the same woman (played by Reese Witherspoon).

Most of the laughs occur while the two friends are using their resources—something that would most likely get them fired in real life—to one up each other, or in attempts to ruin the others date with Lauren (Reese Witherspoon). FDR (Pine) and Turk (Hardy) find the bounds of their friendship tested and Lauren discovers that she has to choose between the two men. The two spies manage to uncover this truth thus, the stakes become higher.

The action element of the film is achieved at the beginning of the movie where we see FDR and Turk on a mission, when FDR and Turk have a “disagreement” and when the consequences of their earlier mission catch up with them through a man named Heinrich. There is also a great scene during a paintball game that is action filled and funny at the same time.

The action comedy formula seems to be a genre that is growing more popular despite some missteps (Starsky& Hutch) and more memorable successes (Cop Out, Rush Hour, The Other Guys). This Means War is a very welcome addition to a relatively short list. Unless you count Lethal Weapon’s 1-4 as action comedies—which some might. Nevertheless, This Means War is a vastly entertaining film that blends comedy, action and a touch of romance. Well worth the money to see it.


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