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February 14, 2011

Gotta “Just Go With It”

by Jonn Holland

Being single is tough. As you get older it is tougher. That seemingly endless game of finding your soulmate is difficult and some would rather avoid having to find that person. These individuals do so because each is afraid that the happiness they find with another is doomed to fail. Such is the case for Danny (Adam Sandler), the main character in Just Go With It that opened on Friday, February 11.

Danny is a successful plastic surgeon in L.A. who wears a wedding ring to discourage committed relationships. He spins a tale of a neglectful and abusive wife that he wants to divorce. As a result, he finds young women who are young and naive enough to pity him, offering their bodies as comfort. Danny of course, has the perfect reason not to call back-he is married after all.

The night Danny meets Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) his wedding ring plan goes awry after Palmer discovers “the ring” in his pocket. Instead of telling Palmer the truth, he tells her that he and his “wife” are getting a divorce. To his surprise, Palmer says she wants to meet his soon to be ex wife and Danny has no choice but to agree.

To set things right, Danny enlists the aid of Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) , his best friend and assistant. She reluctantly agrees and prepares to meet Danny and Palmer for dinner as Danny’s supposed near ex. Things become complicated because Palmer discovers that Katherine has children and Danny must embellish the lie. Danny is then hoodwinked into taking everyone to Hawaii, including his own cousin Eddie (Nick Swardson).

In Hawaii the situation becomes more complicated as Katherine and Danny are forced to create a lie to cover up the current one. Amidst all these lies Danny discovers a truth he cannot deny.

Just Go With It is a fun movie filled with enough jokes that nearly every kind of sense of humor should be satisfied. At least as long as you have a sense of humor. The story itself appears to send the message that there is somebody out there for everyone, even those who are reluctant to commit and that it’s best to “just go with it.”

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