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January 24, 2012

Underworld Awakens With Vengence

by Jonn Holland

Once again Kate Beckinsale dons the now familiar tight leather armor of Death Dealer Selene in the fourth installment of the epic Underworld film series. When last we saw Selene it was at the end of Underworld: Evolution in which she and Michael fight against the two Corvinas brothers. Twelve years after being captured and separated from Michael during the human purge of vampires and lycans, Selene is rescued by a mysterious “subject two” and finds herself searching for this unknown individual.  Selene takes out her vengeance on her captors finding that she must once more fight for survival. Soon she finds that the “subject” who freed her is a young girl (played by India Eisley)and makes a discovery that gives her renewed hope in being reunited with her beloved Michael.

Underworld: Awakening is chock full of everything fans of the Underworld films have come to expect. Spectacular fight scenes, displays of supernatural strength and ability and a blessed amount of good old explosions (everyone loves things that go boom right?). Amidst the battles and escapes from certain death, Selene finds that she has more enemies than friends especially while protecting the young girl who rescued her. For some reason, the lycans are hunting the girl and the other vampires are loath to harbor her. Sorry, no spoilers here. See the movie to unravel the mystery of the girl and what she represents.

For those unfamiliar with the Underworld films, the first ten minutes or so brings the story up to date, including the events that separate Selene and Michael. That said, it may be a good idea to at least watch Underworld and Underworld: Evolution to understand the relationship between Selene and Michael, because it is that relationship that sets the stage for the events of Awakening and gives the film an emotional connection. Also, fans of the series will also better understand the history that exists within the world that is Underworld. For example: the importance of Michael being a descendant of Alexander Corvinas, and why Selene can walk in the sunlight despite being a vampire. Otherwise, the film can be enjoyed for what it is; a great fantasy action film or just to watch Kate Beckinsale kick werewolf butt.

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