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Harry Potter Ultimate Edition

Excited for Harry Potter 8 coming to theaters in July? Need something to get you through May and June? Why not get the Harry Potter Ultimate Edition box sets that have been getting released every few months?

Currently Harry Potter 1-4 are available as the collectible ultimate edition sets on both DVD and Blu Ray. Ultimate Editions for Harry Potter five and six are arriving on June, 14 2011 according to

The ultimate editions are an excellent addition to any true fan of the Harry Potter films. Each set comes with four discs. The feature film (both theatrical and extended versions), two special features discs and a digital copy. For some, having both the theatrical and extended cuts of each film could be enough. However, there is more.

These box sets include a book containing a collection of production stills from each of the movies, a collectible hologram of the cover art, and two character cards with a portrait of some of your favorite–and not so favorite–characters from the movies such as Rubeus Hagrid and Severus Snape.

What more could a Harry Potter fan ask for?

As the owner of the first four sets I can attest to the collectible nature of the ultimate editions and they certainly are an excellent addition to the wall of movies–no exaggeration there–in my room. This Harry Potter fan plans to thoroughly watch these four films prior to the release of the long-awaited and highly anticipated conclusion to the Harry Potter saga in July.

The Blu Ray sets run for $49.99 off the shelf, but on you can find them for $39.99. The DVD versions of the sets are $39.95 in store and $25.99 on

Go forth Harry Potter-ites. Go forth and satisfy that need to see the adventures of the boy who lived.

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