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June 9, 2010

Killers Puts Marriage to the Test.

by Jonn Holland

Killers is one of those movies that people either really like or really hate. The reason for this is not unlike any other movies any of us have seen. There are plenty of factors for liking a film and quite a few for absolutely despising it. Perhaps some did not like the story while others thought it was brilliant. Maybe the action was out of this world awesome to some individuals and to the people in the back row thought there was not enough. Whatever the reason, the new Ashton Kutcher/Katherine Heigl movie Killers falls into this category.

At least three of the reviews I have read were less than positive and one even recommended not to see it. After seeing the film myself, I can understand why it would get less than glowing reviews since the film is not exactly and action film and it is not quite a romantic comedy either. So, it is missing the high flying intense thrills of one and the laugh a minute antics of the other. However, even if Killers does not specifically fit into those genres; it is a story.

As such, the film tells us the story of Jen (Katherine Heigl) and Spence (Ashton Kutcher) who meet in France, fall in love, and get married only to have their marriage thrown into question three years later, when Spence’s past as a CIA agent-which was unknown to Jen-catches up with him and people are trying to kill him.

The story then continues as the couple dodges bullets and try to figure out who put the hit out on Spence, all while working out the future of their life together as husband and wife. This is where I think the narrative becomes lost on some would be viewers. Especially those who go in expecting something akin to say…True Lies, which was sort of an Action /Comedy, but more of an action movie with bits of comedy. Killers is more of a comedy with elements of action. Call it a dark comedy if you will. After all, there are people trying to kill Ashton Kutcher’s character.

My overall consensus on Killers is that it is not trying to be either an action, a comedy, or both. Killers is a film about the relationship between spouses and what happens when the trust between them is broken in a big way and instead of the usual “I slept with someone else.” or “I got fired.” Instead Spence explains it by saying, “Let’s just say I used to work for the blah blah blah and they gave me a license to blah.” To sum it up, Killers puts marriage to the test. The ultimate test. That of trust lost which must be regained. Something many of us can relate to even if we aren’t married.

Love it or hate it Killers is still a good story and it is worth the ride if you like god stories. If not, it’s got Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Tom Selleck and Catherine O’Hara in it. Four reasons to go see it.

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