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June 22, 2010


When Toys Lose Thier Way

by Jonn Holland

Toy Story has become synonymous with Pixar. Not because it was the first movie that Pixar ever did, but because it has been one of the studios biggest franchises. The numbers do not lie. Even though it has been over ten years since Toy Story 2 was released in the theater, people have been flocking to see Toy Story 3. I really think it is not just because the new movie is in 3D.

Toy Story has always had a certain charm that just about everyone who enjoys movies with a good story and lots of heart appreciate. Toy Story 3 is no exception to that.

Essentially the story revolves around the fact that Andy; now eighteen, is headed for college. Traditionally, college bound young adults see this as a time to set aside childish things (or things that appear so) such as toys (this of course, excludes all you fanboys and fangirls out there). So, Andy must decide what he will do with all his old toys. Does he donate them, throw them away, or put them in the attic for storage?

This dilemma also presents a conundrum for our heroes. Does Andy still appreciate and love them, or are they all just junk to him now?

Woody attempts to rally his friends to prepare them for the next step and assures them that they are going to the attic however, after a mix up they are donated to a local day care center instead.

At first, the group is content that they have found a new place for themselves and are quick to settle in. They soon discover that the toys at the day care are not as friendly as they appear.

For the most part, Toy Story 3 is sort of a prodigal son story. The toys appear to become lost, not understanding what their place in the world is anymore, leave home,meet other toys that really have lost their way and then are humbled into finding a way back to where they are loved.

What makes me really happy with this third installment is that Pixar doesn’t try to one up themselves. The jokes are thought out and they play along nicely with the plot. The story is strong and does a really great job of bringing the story of Andy’s toys to a close that makes sense. Thanks Pixar, for making a movie that we can all enjoy and also for making it in 3D!

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  1. Ziggy
    Jun 24 2010

    Very well written, Jonn!! You have such a gift and talent. I am glad that you can enjoy movies and your passion for writing at the same time!


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