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Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

star_trek_into_darkness-HD1Star Trek: Into Darkness reunites us with J.J. Abrams‘ incarnation of the famous Starship Enterprise crew about a year after the events of Abrams’ first venture with the franchise. It also puts Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg; Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin and John Cho back in their respective roles as cinemas most famous starship crew.

The action begins on an Alien world with red plants instead of green. Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy are fleeing from the indigenous species of the planet. While the Captain and the Doctor run for their lives, we are shown that the crew of the Enterprise work so well together, they can accomplish what appears to be impossible while at the same time, come dangerously close to failing. In order to succeed and save a single life, Kirk makes a decision that puts the Enterprise and the entire crew at risk.  It is this decision that results in some dire consequences for Kirk and sets the mood of the film.

As the story progresses, we are introduced to John Harrison, who aids a family on the brink of losing their daughter to disease, in exchange for the destruction of a top-secret Star Fleet installation. Star Fleet brands him a terrorist and conduct a meeting with the senior officers of the Enterprise, Bradbury and other starships present. During the supposed classified meeting, the group is attacked and suffer a devastating loss.

In retaliation for the loss of a peer, Kirk asks Admiral Marcus to send the Enterprise to apprehend the fugitive. Marcus agrees and sends the Enterprise with a payload of newly developed and highly powered photon torpedoes that have an unknown power source. They must ask the questions: Is Marcus hiding something? Why was the development of such weapons so secret? What purpose do they serve?

While in pursuit of John Harrison, they learn that there is much more going on than what appears on the surface and that the criminal could turn out to be  much more dangerous than originally believed. Once again pitted against insurmountable odds, Kirk and crew are tested in matters of morality, sacrifice and loss. Captain Kirk himself finds that he must choose between the needs of the many and the needs of the few.

All in all, J.J. Abrams does it again with masterful skill and tells a story that is thrilling and emotionally powerful. There are moments where Star Trek history is  literally flipped over in a most surprising, yet brilliant way. Most definitely worth the watch.


Oblivion: A Sci Fi Mystery

ImageJack Harper is a technician living sixty four years in the future. Earth is now a wasteland following a war in which an alien invader destroyed the moon causing earthquakes and tidal waves. Surviving humans have evacuated Earth for Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. Jack and his partner Victoria, are responsible for maintaining and repairing drones used to protect giant hydro collectors taking Earth’s water for use on Titan.

Everything has gone smoothly for the team with only two weeks left before they are able to join the rest of the humans living in an enormous space station orbiting the planet awaiting departure to Titan. Their daily routine is interrupted when a spacecraft crashes down not far from their station. Jack investigates and discovers a female survivor. The woman’s arrival and the impossible fact that she knows Jack’s name set in motion events that changes his view of Earth’s fate and reveals a past he had forgotten.

ImageOblivion stars Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough and Olga Kurylenko. The film provides some breath taking visuals and the story is very intriguing, though it could use a little more tension. However, this is not a thriller or an “all guns blazing” action-the action bits are done very well-Oblivion is in fact, an adventure about how the past can be of such great value, that without it we cannot hope to have a better and brighter future.


Tron:Legacy A Visual Evolution

Bruce Boxleitner as Tron in the 1982 film

If you were a child of at least six years old in nineteen eighty-two, then you may remember seeing Tron in the movie theater. You might also remember being in awe of the visual effects since they were unlike anything you had ever seen before. Over the last twenty-eight years you may have shown this movie to your children and have often wondered if there would ever be another Tron movie. Now there is and the wait is over as Tron:Legacy graced screens around the world this past weekend.

While the first Tron film was visual candy in ’82, it pales in comparison to the visual intercourse experienced while watching Tron:Legacy.

Having shot the film using a combination of 3D and traditional 2D, the filmmakers create a subtle divide between our world and the digital world, where reality is flat; lacking depth and the digital world is fully interactive and intimately engaging. If you thought the effects in the original were something, you haven’t seen anything yet. The colors are brighter and the environment is nearly absent of straight lines and polygons. All of this shows that the digital realm has truly evolved.

The legacy of the first Tron is evident from the first scene where Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is telling his son, Sam is telling stories about his exploits on “the grid” with heroic Tron(Bruce Boxleitner), a security program and Clu; a program that Kevin Flynn designed to think like humans. After promising to take Sam to “the grid”, the elder Flynn leaves for work and never returns.

Fast forward to present day, where Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund)is now twenty-seven years old and the primary share holder in Encom- the company that Kevin Flynn took over in 1982 after successfully aiding Tron in defeating the MCP (Master Control Program) that sought to trap Kevin in the digital world-Sam, has no interest in taking control of Encom in his father’s absence. For him, the real world has little excitement to offer except when he sabotages an Encom board meeting.


Sam’s curiosity and hope is sparked after his father’s former partner, Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) visits and tells him that he received a page from the office at Flynn’s Arcade, which has been closed for twenty years. The younger Flynn investigates the arcade and finds Kevin Flynn’s hidden office. After accessing the computer he finds, Sam is sucked into the digital world by the same device that originally transported his father into cyberspace.

Upon his arrival, Sam ends up on the game grid and has an encounter with Clu(Jeff Bridges)who nearly kills him, save for a daring rescue by Cora(Olivia Wilde). Cora takes Sam far from the game grid, to an isolated area of the system, where he has a joyous and unexpected reunion with his father who has been trapped in the system for twenty years. For both, it is a day they thought would never come.

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) and Cora (Olivia Wilde)

Together again, Kevin Flynn tells his son why he did not return that night and how Clu betrayed both himself and Tron and now searches for Kevin’s identity disc, which is the master key to the entire system. They decide to make a dash for the portal back to our world. A task much easier said than done as father, son and Cora must get past Clu and his garrison.

On the surface Tron:Legacy is a story of how a son must come to terms with the inheritance his father has left him. Beneath that, is the story of a man who is betrayed by his own ambitions to create a perfect contribution to the world and must be rescued by his son who is his true legacy.

This is a great film to take your kids to and share in the world of wonder and adventure that Disney began so many years ago.

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