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July 25, 2010


Salt The Ride

by Jonn Holland

The new movie Salt, starring Angelina Jolie is so full of twists, turns and action that you just might want to hold on to something when you go see it. In fact, the film seems to be more like a roller coaster than cinematic entertainment, but I do not mean that literally. I only make the statement because Salt is engaging and adrenaline packed enough that plot twists are barely noticed until they are happening in front of you and then; there is nothing you can do except be sucked into the next chain of events leading to the subsequent change in course.

At the start of the story we are given the smallest idea that Evelyn Salt could be a spy. This is confirmed nearly right away as it is revealed that she is indeed a CIA agent. Soon after we learn Salt’s occupation, a Russian national named Oleg (Daniel Obrychski) accuses her of being a Russian sleeper spy who has been planted in the United States waiting for a time when she can carry out her mission. The mission; he claims, is that she will assassinate the Russian president who would be in Washington D.C. in two days.

From this point the central theme of the film: who is Evelyn Salt?-becomes the foremost thought on the audience’s mind. That idea of keeping Salt’s true identity a mystery is strictly adhered to as we journey from sequence to sequence, following Salt through a multitude of narrow escapes to the next plot point where we are made to believe that the question has been answered. Yet, as if the truth were a tasty treat being dangled just out of reach by some sadistic, unseen tormentor; we are thrown into another unsuspected turn on the ride. To say the least, we are kept guessing until the very last scene and even then; a twist

I like this movie mainly for the mysterious element and of course, the action, which are mostly fast paced cuts and quick pans left or right.

The other reason is that Salt appears to be something of a mash-up between the Bourne and Bond films, but with a female lead. Which, to me makes it all the more entertaining. Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor play two of Salt’s co-workers who must pursue her. In the end, Salt is just what we expect it to be.

A really fun ride.

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  1. Ziggy
    Jul 26 2010

    Now I want to see it!!!


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