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November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Review

by Jonn Holland

Finally, a film many have greatly anticipated has graced the silver screen: Breaking Dawn: Part 1. For some, the concept of Twilight is trivial at best due to the nature of Stephanie Meyer’s vampires—which sparkle in the sunlight instead of bursting into flames—these are not your traditional undead after all. Despite the naysayers, both the series of books and the last three films have done exceptionally well.

Breaking Dawn is another example of just how successful this franchise is. According to the website Rotten Tomatoes; Breaking Dawn: Part 1 has already grossed $139.5 million in its first weekend. The film is also currently number one in the United States remaining consistent with the success rate of the last three films. Once again, fans line up to see Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart play the parts they have made famous. Not for the last time, but close.

The film begins at perhaps the most anticipated moment in recent film history—Edward and Bella’s wedding. From the few scenes leading up to the grand event including the walk down the aisle, we see the reluctance in Bella that has plagued her romance with Edward throughout the series. A feeling that is quickly abated once she lays eyes on the man she loves with all her soul.

After the ceremonies, Edward and Bella go on their honeymoon where they consummate their marriage. After a few weeks they learn that Bella has become pregnant; a thing which was believed to be impossible. From that point on, the film illustrates the dangers of such a pregnancy and also how it affects not only the Cullens, but Jacob and the rest of the wolf pack.

In short, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is the build-up, the foreshadowing prior to an exciting, if not dramatic climax. There is no doubt that this film heightens the anticipation for the final chapter in the Twilight film franchise, a film well worth seeing. Especially for Twilight fans.

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