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Snow White and The Huntsman Review

Charlize Theron as the Queen

Most individuals who have been alive since Disney first released the now classic animated film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are very familiar with that version of the Snow White fairy tale. Snow White and the Huntsman is not that version. Nor is it remotely close. In fact, the only piece that might have been inspired by the Disney version is the dress that Snow White wears throughout the film.

Kristen Stewart as Snow White

The basic elements of the story are still there. The evil Sorceress Queen hires the Huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart and the Huntsman of course, spares the fair and beautiful Snow White.  Beyond those well known themes Snow White and The Huntsman is a story about a woman corrupted by her fears and a lust for power. A corruption so severe it taints everything and everyone in the kingdom with decay, bitterness and sorrow.

By contrast, there is the story of Snow White; who loses her father and is imprisoned by the Queen, only to become the very thing the Queen needs to extend her own life indefinitely. A fugitive in her own kingdom, Snow White flees the castle with the help of the Huntsman who has pity

on the Princess despite his orders from the Queen. As they travel towards the Duke’s castle, they learn of Snow White’s true destiny and meet the Dwarves who are nearly destitute after the near decimation of their proud race. Together these unlikely comrades determine to take action and rise up against the oppression of the Queen in order to return the kingdom to its former glory and place Snow White in her rightful place as Queen.

The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) with the Dwarves

Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth star in the three principle roles. Each  does so  extremely well bringing  life to these characters that one can’t help but believe that they are real. Combined with a great supporting cast and visuals on par with those in The Lord of The Rings movies, Snow White and The Huntsman is a film destined to be the best incarnation of a well loved fairy tale.


Breaking Dawn: Part 1 Review

Finally, a film many have greatly anticipated has graced the silver screen: Breaking Dawn: Part 1. For some, the concept of Twilight is trivial at best due to the nature of Stephanie Meyer’s vampires—which sparkle in the sunlight instead of bursting into flames—these are not your traditional undead after all. Despite the naysayers, both the series of books and the last three films have done exceptionally well.

Breaking Dawn is another example of just how successful this franchise is. According to the website Rotten Tomatoes; Breaking Dawn: Part 1 has already grossed $139.5 million in its first weekend. The film is also currently number one in the United States remaining consistent with the success rate of the last three films. Once again, fans line up to see Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart play the parts they have made famous. Not for the last time, but close.

The film begins at perhaps the most anticipated moment in recent film history—Edward and Bella’s wedding. From the few scenes leading up to the grand event including the walk down the aisle, we see the reluctance in Bella that has plagued her romance with Edward throughout the series. A feeling that is quickly abated once she lays eyes on the man she loves with all her soul.

After the ceremonies, Edward and Bella go on their honeymoon where they consummate their marriage. After a few weeks they learn that Bella has become pregnant; a thing which was believed to be impossible. From that point on, the film illustrates the dangers of such a pregnancy and also how it affects not only the Cullens, but Jacob and the rest of the wolf pack.

In short, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is the build-up, the foreshadowing prior to an exciting, if not dramatic climax. There is no doubt that this film heightens the anticipation for the final chapter in the Twilight film franchise, a film well worth seeing. Especially for Twilight fans.


Bella’s Choice: An Eclipse Review

After the cliffhanger ending in New Moon, it was quite a relief knowing that the wait for Eclipse would not be as long as some other franchise sequels. (Ahem…Harry Potter?) The wait, though only a few months time may have seemed long to the most dedicated of Twilight fans, but after a record-breaking midnight showing on June 30th and subsequent shows in the weeks to come, that wait is over. And well worth it. Eclipse brings the Twilight saga to beautiful crest, like a wave before it breaks.

The film picks up nearly right after the ending of the last film. Edward is still asking for marriage and Bella continues to skirt around giving an answer. Bella is faced with a choice. That is the central theme of Eclipse. Does she or doesn’t she? Who does she love more? Edward or Jacob. Both seem reluctant though desirous to make the choice for her. And so, our journey through this portion of the story becomes a dance of sorts. Jacob and Edward making their thoughts and feelings known, Bella caught in the middle. Torn. Between the one she feels destined to be with and the one whom she needs in her life.

In addition to the turmoil of the love triangle, an outside force is building an army whose purpose is to destroy the Cullens and Bella. The individual behind the creation of this army is unknown at first, though the Cullens eventually figure out who the mastermind is.

All in all the film is well put together both the main plot and subplots working toward the inevitable climax of this series. Taylor Lautner was superb; comfortable in his role as Jacob. Robert Pattinson makes Edward convincingly over protective, while Kristen Stewart has improved somewhat in her performance as Bella, growing more accustomed to the role and Dakota Fanning is disturbingly cold as Jane a testament to the young actress’s talent.

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